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Selasa, 07 Desember 2010

Nindy hot

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Nindy Not Want to Commit Soon

Since breaking up with guitarist The Changcuters, Qibil, Nindy claimed not to have another companion. She said he was pleased with the single condition. Nindy also not target must immediately find a partner.

"Really nice like this again. If there is an approach, yes yes approaches if not already there," she said when met at the launch of the album The Masterpiece Of Rinto Harahap With Tohpati in Singosari Ballroom, Grand Hotel Sahid Jaya, South Jakarta, Wednesday (3 / 11).

Nindy add the reason he alone was not due to trauma. She also opened a relationship with anyone, but she is still reluctant to commit to start again.

"Really do not want to commit before now. Just who wrote also okay not close the possibility," said Nindy have not thought of marriage.


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